How to Fix Counter strike 1.6 fatal error

There is a common problem with the  game Counter strike 1.6 that when we try to run the game, there could be a fatal error arises that says ” available memory less than 15 MB”and it doesnt play at all. Some times it says something like this:

“The instruction at”0xd5ab12ff” referenced mamory at “0x0003698″ . The Memory Could  Not Be Read”. when starting CS

On trying to fix this problem that faced by my friends, I found more than one reason for this problem. I tries my level best to solve this by some methods.

Fix 1 :

This was the most simple fix for this problem. All you have to do is Goto the main game directory, that is where you install the game counter strike and Find the executable file of  the cs game.

1. Right click on the .exe file then click properties
2. Click on the compatibility tab then Check the “Run the program in compatibilty mode     for” option and    select win Xp from the dropdown menu.

Usually this may fix your problem of getting the error.

Fix 2 :

If Last Solution doesnt help try this one

1. Download this file Click here
2. Goto the main game directory(where HLDS.exe is located too), then back up the old
existing file you downloaded.
3. copy and overwrite the new file in the directory

Start your game!

This two fixes usually solves the problems while playing the game Counter strike 1.6 including fatal error.

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